Paw Patrol (season 5)

Ryder is recently ten years old. The boy is very clever and savvy beyond his years. Furthermore, he is rather well thought of in electronics and can fix any device. One day he and his six puppies make a team that they call Paw Patrol. They do not know what fear is, and they are always ready to come to the rescue of people who need their help. Every day, they face various situations. Some of them are very hard to find a way out of. But the brave team of lifeguards is not afraid of it.

800 Words (season 3)

A popular reviewer leaves his job. His job in Sydney newspaper seemed to be popular and perspective. But after the loss of loved one the protagonist cannot live with what happening around him. He decides to buy a house in New Zealand via Internet and leave Australia forever. Now, the main hero tries to arrange the passage, and he has to care about two teenager children each of which does not know who he will be yet.

Whose Line is it Anyway? (season 14)

We go to the beginning of the twentieth century. At the center of attention of the plot are events that took place on Saint Valentines day. A group of students of high school with their teachers goes on picnic. They chose a great spot. The main heroines end up on the Hanging rock that captures with its nature beauty. People say this place has not changed its appearance for a million years. But there are rumors it contains a mysterious power inside.

Mickey and the Roadster Racers (season 2)

This is a new animated series about adventures of Mickey Mouse and his friends, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and Donald. Now the heroes switch to two-seat classic cars, roadsters. They compete for the title of the best racer of the planet.

SKAM Austin (season 1)

At the center of the plot of this show is the story of several high school students in the age when one thinks all the dreams will come true if you want it. The main heroes experience the first love, face the first treason, struggle for their happiness and find themselves in this big and uncertain world, overcoming the public censure or popularity. This is an American version of the Facebook Watch series.

The Paynes (season 1)

This is a spin off of the TV show House of Payne. Curtis and Ella Payne try to enjoy their retirement in Florida. But one bad real estate buying makes their life not the fairy tale that they have dreamed about.

Better Call Saul (season 4)

This is an American comedy drama by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. The show immediately became popular. This is not surprising. This show is a spin-off of cult TV show Breaking Bad that got a lot of awards at the time and a big TV audience. The action of the show takes place six years before the main character, a minor lawyer Saul Goodman, meets Walter White. Saul tries to open his own law office in the hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. But it turns to be not so easy. A lot of various challenges and troubles are on his way.

Big Hero 6: The Series (season 1)

We invite you to new colorful animated series watching. It will tell the audience about amazing adventures of real super heroes ready to defend their San Francisco by all forces. The characters are unique. They are Disney world representatives. It means that every young viewer will like them. In general, get ready, along with the local super heroes, to have a big fight against evil forces. This is a brand-new view to the super hero topic by real masters of animation.

Ponysitters Club (season 1)

Young horse enthusiast unites with her best friends to save and take care of animals at the favorite ranch of her family.

Elementary (season 6)

This is a new interpretation of classical work by Arthur Conan Doyle about Sherlock Holmes. But the things are progressing not in the classical way. The main hero is not in London and is not in Victorian times. He is in New York city in the present. One more surprise is waiting for viewers. Now Sherlock has an assistant girl in the person of Dr. Joan Watson. This is a modern criminal drama about duet of a private detective and a doctor. They solve the most complicated cases in the New York police department.

Our Cartoon President (season 1)

This is an animated office comedy in which the boss cabinet is oval. The main heroes of the show, that is made by political satirist Stephen Colbert, are the president of the USA Donald Trump, his family, ministers, advisers, heads of other states and other guests and inhabitants of the White House. Each episode is typical day from the life of the most scandalous and ambiguous president in history of the US. The show tells not only about everyday life of the White House in a humorous way but it discovers mentality and motivation of the people close to the president.

Salvation (season 2)

MIT graduate student Liam watching the space objects makes a conclusion the Earth risks having a collision with an asteroid of gigantic size. Checked his calculations one more time the guy tells a professor about his worrying find. The professor disappears on the next day.

Lodge 49 (season 1)

Former surfer, now just a slacker named Dud has joined the lodge locating on Long Island where members of certain order live. He hopes that living simple and calm life at the sea will give him the meaning of life that he has lost after his father death and family business failure. Maintaining contacts with other people who live here he begins to enjoy his life again. Dud faces his greatest fears but he gets hope too. He is especially close to Ernie who lives at this place for a long time.

The Venture Bros. (season 7)

At the center of the plot is a strange family of Ventures. Two brothers and father always get into various troubles. Dean is very kind and responsive. At the same time his brother Hank always looks for excitement and drags on Dean. Father Venture is really interesting person too. He is a talented scientist who provides nice inventions. One of these inventions is the thing that is the reason of a serious stir in which the heroes and criminal group members are involved.

Doctor Doctor (season 3)

After a series of failures, the medical council sends cardiac surgeon Hugh Knight to his hometown of Whyhope to work as a therapist. The town is located in the Australian deepest countryside. But not the all town citizens are happy Hugh is back.

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